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I think softies like leathers, frogspawn and mushrooms like/prefer the lower flow.

My mushrooms are the biggest I have ever seen them to be and they are multiplying quickly, for over a year now.

I have a 75(low flow) that the softies thrive in, so does red slime algea. That same water in my 120G(high flow) is great for sps, and there is no algea problems. (the two tanks share the same sump) I have a large frogspawn in the sps tank that don't mind the higher flow, but some of the high flow is directed away by rockwork.

Zoas seem to do best underneath the output of a power head, but not in the direct path of the outflow stream.

Leathers and sps aren't supposed to be good together, perhaps the flow is directing leather 'chemicals' towards the sps causing problems and the lower flow changed that.

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