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Originally posted by wrott
I wouldn't put 6060s on a timer. I believe it could ruin them--the ones made for a controller can be turned on and off because the voltage surge is regulated.
Like a thread talking about TUNZE nano-streams on timers, the pumps are supposed to be left off for 10-15 minutes between restarts.
You are right. I was actually thinking of a 12 hr cycle though.

Semi-aggressive mixed reef w/ shallow sand bed
96x30x27 310gal custom acrylic w/ ext. "fail safe" overflow
125gal sump/cryptic fuge w/ 6" DSB
3 400w Plus Rite 20k MH in Lumembrights
2 250w Plus Rite 20k MH in spider reflectors
VHO actinic supplementation
2 Tunze wave boxes
2 Tunze 6060 in Tunze Rocks
2 Tunze 6125
Reeflo 250 skimmer
Hammerhead return on OM 4 way
Aqua controller lll
Leviton power panel
Deltec Eco-Cooler
Randy's Two part
6.5 kw generator
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