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With your setup, I would place two high flow prop-pumps (tunzes, koralias, or even SEIOs) in the front two corners and two lower flow pumps in the back two corners away from the back wall about the distance that the overflow juts out. Have all pumps oriented so they are parallel with the front and back panels of the tank. Have the pumps paired on two timers. You should put the pumps that are diagonally opposite each other on the same timer. Set the timers so that the pump pairs alternate every 25-45 minutes. You can have some overlap time in which all pumps are on at the same time. This is an easy setup that will do alot more for you than pumps oriented every which way.

In the end, aquascaping and the amount of live rock is what really makes a difference in terms of flow. Generally speaking, the more live rock, the more difficult to get good flow.

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