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I'm a cabinet installer and I can easily help you out. Get a level long enough to reach from the front right corner to the back left corner. Level along the front and shim where necessary. Next level front to back on both sides, shim where needed, then level the back. The key is as few shims as possible as you don't want to be relying solely on the shims. Once you get all the sides level, level from the front right corner to the back left corner, then the opposite. You should be perfect if you did all the sides correctly.

As stated before, don't rely solely on the styrofoam to level out your tank. Also, I should mention the styrofoam should be big enough so your tanks trim is sitting on it. Don't rest your glass on it as this will apply pressure to the bottom of the tank. Trim the styrofoam to the edges of the tank.

Once all this is done and you tank is sitting on the stand re-check your level on the top of the tank the same as you did with the stand.

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