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thanks for the kind words ..

i hope to get your rego of your car next time your in so my lawyer can send you some letters...

as for our tanks we import them from china and there are fully approved by the australia goverment.

i think you have your wires crossed as it a nother store on the south side of our road that changes the plugs after importing from tawian i think it is not right for me to say the name of this company as it dont concern me..

as for my fish..

yes we import lots of fish
and we sell lots of fish cheap

if we lost 90% of our i dont think we would be arround long..

and i have been here for 12 years now we are not new..

i dont know what makes you think we are new my southport store has been on the coast longer than any other aquarium store on the coast.
i was here before all the others so maybe you should check your facts first.

as for corals yes we dont buy many and we keep them in a 5000 ltr syetem with a chiller at 24 deg with 7 x 150watt 14000 and 20000 k tubes and we turn over the water 16 times per hour

all i can say is what shop do you own sorry you cant compete with our prices looks like the prices will have to come down again

so once again thank you ...

regards kevin

aquarium warehouse australia:

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