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What type of epoxy to use?

While cleaning my tank I broke my hammer coral off of its stalk, probably because it is now FAR larger than it was when I got it.

Anyways, tomorrow I need to re-attach it to a rock. I have never used epoxy but I am considering it in this case as the epoxy putty can help support the coral while the putty cures.

Is there a brand of epoxy putty I can buy at Home Depot that will work? Are all epoxy putties/clays good? I do have some awesome epoxy clay that I use for modeling. It is basically epoxy impregnated clay. Great stuff, mix equal parts A and B and takes about 24 hours to fully cures, sandable, drillable etc...

Anyways, helpful advice would be nice, otherwise I will use the old stand by of super glue.

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