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FS: Melev Style Closed Loop & other stuff

Yes, I'm getting rid of yet some more stuff. (I don't know where it all comes from. I think I need to ask the UPS/FedEx/USPS guys to stop delivering to my house)

Anyone need a Melev style hang-on closed loop for a 55/75/90? It should work on any 4' AGA tank with little or no modification.

I took mine down and have no use for it anymore. Seems like a waste to store it or trash it.

It is setup with a Mag 12, 3/4" sch40 & Penductors on Loc-Line. It has a SCWD and a hard T (setup w/unions so you can swap them out).

If someone wants it, I'll sell it for $100. Otherwise I'll part out the useful bits and toss the PVC.

I'm going to be around today and then out of town until 1/9.

If no one wants the whole thing:

Mag 12 (w/almost new impeller): $70 (pending, if I don't sell as a package)
SCWD: $20
2 Penductors w/Loc-Line: $35

Other Stuff:

Pinpoint pH Controller w/probe: $100 (probe is old, probably needs to be replaced soon, but it does calibrate)
Milwaukee SMS 122 pH Controller w/o probe: $20 (this controller is a little skittish which is why it is cheap)
Prism Deluxe Skimmer: $40
CPR BackPak Skimmer w/2 pumps (MJ1200 & Rio): $65

I don't have a camera at the moment, but everything is clean and in good condition.

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