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It could be fungus. If you have 2 dwarf angels in a 26 I am sure they are fighting each other, partially due to the limited space, and partially being that angelfish don't typically like seeing similar body shape species in the same tank. If you have 2 angels in with 2 clowns, a wrasse, and 2 firefish, then that is too much for a 26. That is just not enough room for 2 angels and they are picking on each other (whether you see it or not). I am willing to put money on it that they were fighting and got at each other's eyes, and now fungus is growing on the sores.

If you want to do something, give one or both of the angels away, sell them back at the LFS, or at a bare minimum, seperate the angels, and treat them for a fungus infection. But I would recommend if you are keeping them and plan to treat both, don't treat them together, as they will probably continue to pick on each other.

Putting 2 angels in the same tank is always a delicate task. Putting 2 angels in a small tank is usually not a recipe for success.

Usually, once a tank gets crowded, aggression levels tend to spike in the tank.

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