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He could lose his finger and possibly his hand due to infection. The actual blow could cause a stab to the bone or a severe bruise, and if the dactyl became embedded in the hand, there could be additional wounds from additional strikes and stabs by the uropods. The stomatopod could also be seriously injured as you tried to pull the dactyl free. However, the real danger is from infection. I have posted here in the past about a surgeon who lost part of his hand to an O. scyllarus wound. The bacteria was never identified, but it would not respond to any the of the usual antibiotics and continued to destroy his cartiledge, so there was no choice but agressively amputate

O.K. you asked the question and I gave you a straight answer. So now let me add that I hope that this is a hoax. If not and you are actually an adult who allows this to happen and there is an injury, you would be liable - and possibly criminally liable - particularly now that you have been informed of the possible consequences by someone who would probably be considered expert in the field. If you are the kid, grow up and keep your fingers to your self.


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