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Originally Posted by moliken View Post
pc's really are NOT suitable for clams
Listen. I'm not going to pretend I'm an expert here, because I'm far from it.

But 12 years ago when PC were all the rage, I had a maxima under PCs for almost 5 years. He went with the tank when I sold it off. Granted his growth rate potentional probably wasn't realized, he did thrive.

I had him under 4 10k 65watt straight pin bulbs, 4 65 watt 12k bulbs, and 1 95 watt actnic. (If I remember the colors correctly.)

Granted that's a lot of firepower in terms of PCs and atypical of what one would usually do, but it did work.

This day and age though, there's no reason to go through all that.

Can't wait to get me another!

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