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Originally Posted by quackslayer View Post
I have a 30" deep tank and Im using maxspect razors (16k) and he's growing rapidly! Hes on the bottom of the tank sitting right on the crushed aragonite.
What type of clam, Maxima?
If you dont mind could you give your lighting schedule as well. I'm running the same light and have concerns as to went went wrong. I had a maxima that I could not seem to get settled or make happy and my tank is only 12" deep, maybe too much light or not properly acclimated.

I am not a pro so excuse me if I'm wrong.

Current Tank Info: 30gal Deep Blue rimless 9/10/2014, 80gal Deep Blue rimless 40gal sump/refugium 9/11/16 LPS reef, 2 x Kessil A160 with a single Maxspect Razor, RO Prime 150INT skimmer, Sicce 3 return pump, Vortech MP40 and MP10
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