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Originally posted by xtm
I took my wife and son there last month and I have to admit that the displays are beyond AWESOME. Can't really compare it to Monterey Bay Aquarium as they are (IMO) different biotopes. I am very impressed with AOTP due to the fact that they REALLY concentrated on the Pacific exhibit and nothing else. (ie. you will not find a Z. Xathurum in the AOTP)
I think you hit it on the head. Apples and oranges comparison with the Monterey as they are trying capturing completely different environments. As impressive as Monterey's displays are at portraying the open ocean environment of the bay, I think the AOTP does as good a job displaying the diversity of the Pacific ocean. It's really an ambitious effort that they've managed to pull off under some financial constraints.

I'm sad the they lost the large humphead wrasse that grew to be a symbol of the aquarium, or at least on all of there advertising.

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