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What is hiding in your tank?

It never ceases to amaze me that after over two years of running, my little 40 gallon reef still holds surprises and I still see things I have never seen!

I have had a clicking noise since the day I put my first live rock in the tank. I know it is NOT a mantis as I have had to deal with them before. I have never seen the "clicker" but I have been positive it is a pistol shrimp, though I have never seen it.

I rarely get to see my tank at night as I keep it in my classroom. A few days ago I adjusted my timer so the lights go off at 4:00pm. Tonight, about 5:30 I was just relaxing, enjoying viewing my tank and seeing the "night crew" start to come out. All of a sudden, from one rock comes a long reddish brown antenna! I adjust myself to get a better view and the antenna just hover behind the rock then slowly dissappear back down into the rock work!!

I am sure it is my mystery pistol shrimp, two years and all I have seen are a pair of antenna!!

Exciting stuff.......LOL

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