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Originally Posted by CoralReefBoffin View Post
Some of you are ridiculous.

All I will say is, if you really want this project worked on by these awesome guys then refrain from wasting their time, every single "week", for another inconsequential update just to satisfy/alleviate your own boredom ...

Oh yea,
How does it waste their time?
There are more than two people who work at the shop.
Avast Employees are not dragged kicking and screaming from the shop to come answer questions from this thread.
In fact, the last post they made on this thread was 10-24-2014, six months ago. So obviously, this thread doesnt take up a major portion of their work day to begin with.

People posting on this thread asking for updates shows that this product is something that people are STILL interested in and have not forgotten about.

Yes, we all hope that Avast can bring it to market soon, and that it will be the same great quality as the rest of their stuff. But if people asking regularly about the product bothers you, you can always unsubscribe from this thread and it wont be a problem for you anymore...

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