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Originally posted by msu spartan
beaglelax, this site is for advice, so everyone was trying to give him advice, but he woudnlt listen so now everyone is insulting him

he should at least take the 2 big fish out, then it wouldnt b so bad
Thank you for all your advice. In our forum ,tanks are divided into two kind. one kind is reef tank raising corals and few easy fish. another is fish only tank with few rock(even no rock ,no sand.Sand or no sand,rock or no rock,this is decided by how many fish you will raise). I find tanks are all reef tanks in this forum.

In our area,when someone new want to set up a similar tank just like mine, I advise him the same as what you advise me. Because a reef tank in low density is easier to take care of than a FOT tank in high density. it need more experience and more Technique(not only hardware but also software) and of course is not suitable for a begginner.

Lucky this forum teach begginners how to raise marine fish in an easy way. And I'm glad to see most of you(especially begginners) set up reef tank and raise few easy fish.So your success rate is much higher than our begginners.

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