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He is not encouraging others to keep fish in similar conditions and I am not encouraging his fishkeeping least no more than you are encouraging satanic activity simply by using that particular screen name.

Lets use some common sense and realize a few certain truths.

1. This guy is likely posting on here to get attention, so take his posts for what they are.

2. Regardless of what is posted here by people trying to "help", it was quite obvious from very early on that this person was not interested in any advice. See #1.

And finally

3. Understand that each one of us has opinions and is able to make their own decisions in life. The sooner you realize this the better off you will be...and secondarily the better off the rest of us will be for it. Also realize that people often say and act the opposite of what is asked of them simply because of who is asking. I suspect you would get more positive attention from the OP if your demeanor and attitude towards presenting the information was different.

Just my own observations.

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