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curing live rock as it cures does the temp increase

Hi my name is jim im in the process of getting my tank started.right now i have 350 lbs of live rock curing in the tank.i have a mag 38 as my circulation pump,i have a mag 18 running my protein skimmer and 4 maxi jet 1200 hooked up to a wave maker.i set the thermostat on my heater at 78 degrees when i went to bed.this was the first night of having everythin running.
When i woke up i checked the tank to see how everything was going and noticed the temerature 84.7.Is all that heat being caused by my pumps and powerheads or is the rise in temperature because of the die off of the rock.I was hoping i wouldnt need to get a chiller,but if im getting this much heat from the pumps i cant imagine how high the temps will go once i turn on the lighting.(3-250 watt hatal halide)and (4 96 watt actinic)

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