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if you feed heavy it does grow, about the same as any coral i guess. i dont have a camera that could capture feeding. after feeding a ton of cyclopeeze, i can typically see more red coloring inside the polyps. my gorgonian was shipped in as a big colony, and then fragged, as i didnt want to pay a lot of money for it. a few people showed interest in the larger colony and we agreed to have it fragged.

Originally posted by dendro982
Thanks! A more: can you make photos in progress, to see new growth, to know possible rate of growth, and photos of feeding response, like this for another gorgonian:

and the photo of the food inside polyps, if this possible.
I never seen this with my blueberry, but it was damaged during shipping. Was yours not damaged, when you bought it? If damaged too, any recovery growth?

You know, that there are not too much useful information about blueberry gorgonian on the web, I trying to understand it better.
Appreciate the help.

Chad Vossen

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