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You won't need to dose until they start growing, if you maintain your water parameters. I'd recommend Oceanic for sps or lps. Sps take the most light, absolutely immaculate water quality, very high light. Lps are extremely forgiving, which is what I know pretty well, but Im pretty sure Oceanic would do fine for sps, If you don't want to spring for a dosing system, right off, invest in Salifert tests for alk, cal, mg, definitely a good skimmer for sps, and an autotopoff unit.


Salinity 1.024-6; alkalinity 8.3-9.3 on KH scale; calcium 420; magnesium 1300, temp 78-80, nitrate .2. Ammonia 0. No filters: lps tank. Alk and cal won't rise if mg is low.

Current Tank Info: 105g AquaVim wedge, chromis, royal gramma basslet, tailspot blenny, ocellaris clown, yellow watchman, chestnut turbo snails, bristleworms, couple of hermits.
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