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Should I continue dosing Neophos?

No3 and Po4 were absolute zero. I dosed B Ionic Nitrate and raised to between 5 and 10ppm probably nearer to 5. Over 8 days.
Using Neophos, 16ml in 100g over 2 days target .04ppm still at zero. 4th day dosed another 8ml test on 5th day still zero. Should I continue with the Neophos?
Container says 1ml in 1 gal = .25ppm dosed 1ml in quarter gal 2 pints of fresh IO read 1ppm dosed up again in same 2 pints to 3ml neophos and stayd at 1ppm! Should have been 3ppm doesnt raise above 1ppm. Is this because in 2 pints it saturates out and wont read more tham 1ppm the color on test is much darker blue at 3ppm stayed pale blue..

95g dt, 25g sump, tried feeding more with no results. Testing with salifert. Mixed reef, very slow growth 2.5 years in, colors not good. Not using gfo, skimmer always pulling very smelly skimite, have to skim wet to get it out of system, empty every 2 days. 1in sandbed, at water change syphon sand and always smelly water in 5g bucket so dont understand why no nitrares. Feeding more = more brown syphon water and odour.!

Sg 1.024
Mag 1400
Cal 440
Alk 8.9
Ph 8.3
Nitrate 5 -10
Phos 0 No3 and Po4 have always been 0 prior to dosing.
All salifert.

Was hoping dosing No3 and Po4 would improve growth and color. Started with B ionic nitrate 10 days ago so only recently.

95g with 29g 3 section sump with skimmer/ref/return.
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