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For starters be patient, it can take weeks to months for corals to recover from stress events. Excelllent way to verify your test kit is working well (I test my tapwater as it's consistantly about .2 mg/l) To avoid making to big a change to fast I'd just keep dosing as you are or you can "slightly" raise the amount you're dosing but be sure to test after 24 hours to be sure you're not dosing too much. In these scenarios where the animals and microbial stuff is sucking up something really fast a threshold can be met very quickly when dosing and it can very quickly become too much. Rather than brush or stir up the nuisance algeas I would gently siphon them off, for the sand the surface layer that's siphoned off withthe algae can be soaked in H2O2 for a few hours, rinsed well then let dry for a day or 2 and added back to the tank.

"Our crystal clear aquaria come nowhere close to the nutrient loads that swirl around natural reefs" Charles Delbeek
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