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Originally Posted by MUCHO REEF View Post
Often time can be of the greatest essence when there's a tank or polyp related issues. To help expedite a swift answer to a question posted here, it's really important to list all of your parameters including...

1. Temp of tank
2. All parameters including , Alk, PH, Mag etc and even Calcium in my opinion
3. Salinity
4. Is it a frag, colony, new addition, wild caught or not, shipped or pick up?
5. Have you made any changes just prior to or during the issue?
6. List the current/flow, even lighting when applicable.
7. Additives

As much info as possible including a possible picture could make the difference with one of the helpful reefers here assisting you with speedy help. Not being mean at all, but it can really make a difference. The people here really like to help.

If you have something missing, damaged, altered etc, listing your livestock including inverts, will also help. Thanks

Mucho Reef

Also, if you have an issues, concern, problem, question etc etc, and you've posted that concern here in the discussion forum and no one has answered it in a timely manner, do a quick search here in this forum. More likely than not, it has been raised before and the search will give you the answer or some direction or at least help you to formulate the question. Google is also a great resource for just about any reef related issue. I use it all the time.

Good luck

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