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Originally posted by EdKruzel
As the stable diet, NO .
Reason being is that mollies are not a saltwater fish and although can tolerate brackish and lower levels of saltwater for a considerable length of time, their body composition is mostly saturated fatty acids.

Saltwater species have trouble digesting saturated fats and require diets of mainly HUFA (highly unsaturated fatty acids).

A diet of saturated fats will lead to obesity and liver damage in saltwater predators.

accually sailfin mollies are brackish as juveniles then move to full marine as adults thus being the reason that sailfin mollies can easily adapted to full marine only the sailfin of the mollies is this way other mollies are fw, brackish and or hybreds..but as above posted stated not a stable diet.. no one species can be the only source of food for any species of fish, as each species that these fish consume has a varied diet the combination of eating a variety of species ensures the balenced nutrients are being consumed.. also as the above poster meantioned feeding fw diet to marine fish on a regular basis can result in fatty liver disease which will result in a short lifespan for you fish..this also goes for marine fish such as tuna and salmon these if fed to your fish must be used in great moderation.

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