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Anytime the pump is out of water, it will likely become airlocked, a bubble in the impeller well prevents it from priming. The fix for this is everytime you refill your reservoir, tip the pump upside down and let the air out. The other option is to keep up with the reservoir before the pump runs completely dry. It is best to avoid a jug for your reservoir for this reason and just use a bucket and you can greatly reduce the noise by drilling 2 1/4" holes near the top lip of the bucket and threading the cable and hose through to suspend the pump.

While I have made numerous attempts to make the pump self priming and it is possible, there is a big risk and that is why we have never done it. A 1/16" hole drilled near the pump pipe carefully will let the air escape and let it prime, but the danger is that when the water level is low, a a jet of water can spray out of the reservoir and there is also some pressure loss as a result.

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