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Originally posted by dendro982
I would like to ask you about blueberry gorgonian keeping.
Can you post photo of your tank with drawn flow pattern (MS Paint in Accessories will work), what pump are you using, describe flow, when it reaches blueberry gorgonian, are polyps bent, temperature, salinity, alkalinity, what salt are you using, with added Mg and Ca or not, what food and how fed, how many times a day, daily amount of food and filtration, capable to handle that? Anything else to pay attention to?
i dont really know what the flow patern is in the tank. all i know is its strong. the polyps are all bent in one direction because of the flow, and i dont think this is good for it. i have no clue what the parameters are, but the SPS are all growing fine. i use a mix of salts to get balanced parameters in the new water. i have watched this coral eat cyclopeeze, brine shrimp, rotifers (feeding response, not sure if consumed), frozen brine shrimp and whatever else that fits. i used to feed cyclopeeze nightly, and i had growth in the coral. i stopped feeding so much and growth has stopped but it hasnt receded at all.

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