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Originally posted by wishntoboutside
[B]bruce.. i will be going durring the week, but if the club does something let me know i am sure i can go twices we are talking fish, corals and aquariums. =).
Last year we were supposed to go there for a behind the scenes as one of my kids teachers is a docent there; that never materialized so I'll be hitting them up on my own. Fortunately, Konadog was kind enough to forward me some contact info so I won't be walking in blind. We may make it our March "event"; we'll see. I suspect it will be a fairly large crowd, and that might make it difficult. Wanting the quarterly events to be family friendly means kids, and having a meaningful/productive behind the scenes while making sure little Johnny isn't feeding MNM's to the fishies can make it rough...

I can also get your ticket at a 20% discount because I'm a member, so if you do go again, we can get a bit of a break that way.


any good places to eat near buy afterwords?

Bubba Gumps is always good; nice sized beers and decent food (mostly seafood, though: the non-seafood selection is kinda sucky). There's a PF Changs, I think, and a Chili's, Outback and (as was said earlier) Famous Daves (I was disappointed in it, frankly, but maybe it was just a bad day).

And yes, nice thread. It's a decent aquarium; I think we're lucky to have it. Too bad Sea World's having so many issues; that's a true bummer.

Also, the MBAQ has a good portion of the building under construction for a reef display; forgot what the finish date was, but that should be a nice exhibit, as well. I can spend 2 days there and not really get bored. My family, OTOH (on the other hand), is another story...

- Bruce

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