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Man, you guys almost make me afraid to admit to owning a tang.

Why is it when someone asks for help with one thing, and mention having a tang, (almost) everyone jumps on that. Once one person says it, can't the next person just answer the question that was asked?

I am sure she knows her fish, and can tell if it is happy or stressed, and will act responsibly, and appropriately when the time comes to make a decision on what to do with the tang.

I'm not trying to step on anyone's toes, but we do want people to feel free to ask whatever questions they have without the fear of 20 people ganging up on them about something that is really not even an issue (yet).

I would not add anything until you are sure the rock has been fully cured again, you probably had some die off during the move which will probably cause an ammonia spike. I would guess that you would see this in the next couple days (if you're going to get one), then just let the cycle finish out, do the water change, and enjoy your tank.

Good luck with everything.

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