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Seeding old live rock

So I just set up a new aquarium using some dried old rock I had (very dead). I figured when I added the live sand it would seed the rock and I would be ok but now I am second guessing that.

Will live sand seed dead rock?

If it will not do the aquarium cycle kits that are sold (like bio-spira) do the same thing? I am kind of worried about not having some of the fun little hitch hikers tag along...

What are my other options to seed? My local shops arent carrying LR right now because there is a sales ban currently and I am not part of any local clubs because of the current situation. I was considering posting on the livestock threads here to see if I could buy a few small pieces but they all seem dead or not dealing in rock either. I read that if you buy inverts with shells some of the bacteria can transfer over but that it was a slow process

Thanks for all the help!

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