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Post CMAS Members - Please read!

Several CMAS members have recently been banned from RC.
While they (and all CMAS members) are always welcome at our own website, PLEASE pay attention to the rules when posting on this site!

I am considered a rebel by most of my friends, my co-workers and definitely my boss. But, I'm telling you that these forums are not the place to take issue with RC policies! If you have a question for the mods, start a thread on the "Feedback and Questions" forum or send them an email. You'll get your answer without starting a war you will definitely lose!

A few were banned because RC determined that they did not follow the RC User agreement. A few others decided to complain about certain policies that they disagreed with. Still others just rebelled and forced the mods to act against them.

Please note that this is not the place to shout about democracy or freedom of speech or public domain or any other favorite cause. Simply put, RC is a privately held company providing a reef-based forum for the disemination of knowledge. The site is funded by premium members and sponsors.

Here are a few copied comments from the RC management at the "Feedback and Questions" forum:

:Originally posted by beerguy:
I think that coral propagation is the future of our hobby. I completely expect that buying and selling wild corals will become illegal, or at least very restricted, sometime in our lifetime. That being said, there's a real difference between clearing out some space in your tank and fragging with the intent to make a profit. Regardless of which situation **** was in, he chose his path. Any time someone, who's had numerous run-ins with the staff here, posts a rant that starts with "you can ban me for posting this" I'm going to oblige them.

:Originally posted by mhurley:
Again, the $ amount has nothing to do with our "commercial" designation. It's about volume and intent. If I have a $1000 acan and sell a frag of it for $ be it. But if I set up a frag tank to propagate frags of that coral and sell multiple frags of it, then there might be an issue from a "commercial" standpoint.

:Originally posted by Anemone:
We have many rules. Not all of them are written. If they were, the UA would be a hundred page document.

We enforce our rules evenly. Only the folks who fall afoul of the rules feel otherwise. We are, however, not omniscient. There over a thousand posts a day. When we become aware of violations, we take action. Just because the action either isn't brought to your attention, or we aren't aware of the same posts you are, doesn't equate to "double standard."

If you feel the power here is abused so often and so gleefully, please feel free to leave. No one is forcing you to endure such abuse.

CMAS members - Time to sit back, breathe and chill out!

Remember that this CMAS forum on Reef Central is not ours! It has been provided for us by RC and when you are here posting a comment or sending a PM, you need to follow their guidelines!

BTW, stop by for a visit the official CMAS club website! We'll keep the lights on just for you!

Boyd Corbett

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