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Most Algae needs three things to grow:
Nutrients (Nitrates and phosphates primarily)
Light for photosynthesis (certain wavelengths favor different algaes)
A suitable environment to grow in (more flow = harder to grow usually).

If you eliminate any one of these, then algae will have a hard time surviving/thriving.

As lights age, they tend to frequency shift which can provide more light in a favorable spectrum for algae. This is true of MH, PC, and VHO.

Similarly adding more lights or changing lights can also affect certain algae's ability to grow. Changing bulbs or reducing photo periods may reduce algae by removing some of the light it needs, but may leaves the other building blocks present.

A number of prepared foods include nutrients like phosphate so even doing water changes may not eliminate the food source if you are continually reintroducing it via feeding.

Having said all this, I note I still get the film too. Some days it is worse than others, some days there is none at all. I am still trying to pinpoint exactly why, but wanted to share what I have worked out so far.

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