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I agree with Melev (who wouldn't?)

I'd go with a bigger pump than a Mag 5.5

Depending on whom you talk to, you'll want your sump to turnover between 3 - 15x per hour of your system volume. I know Melev likes between 3-5, I'm up around 14x on mine. I like the added flow in the tank, my chaeto is always tumbling, and I've found no ill effects from the extra flow. You just need to have it dialed back so it doesn't out flow your overflow, if that makes sense.

As far as connecting the Mag drive to PVC, Home Depot or Lowes sells fittings that will adapt the 3/4" NPT thread to whatever size pipe you want. Mag drive manuals state that you want at least 2x the size of the outlet for your plumbing. In your case, 1.5" inner diameter.

For picking out the size of your pump you have two options. You can buy a pump that will outflow your overflow, and simply dial it back/divert it, or get a smaller one so that your overflow will always outflow your pump. Either way, we first need to find out how much your overflow will take, most of which is determined by the size of drain lines that are on the tank.

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