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Aqw, I know this really isn't of my concern, but it looks like your business really does need some help. If you knew that keeping up with so many Saltwater tanks would be time consuming, why did you set them up?? The problem I see here is that you have a very concerned customer that wants to know what is going on. I know that what he did was wrong by sneaking around taking photos and posting them on here, but from what I can see, those are some sick fish..... Everyones tank looks pristine before you put water in it, but if you don't take care of it/have reputable people doing it for you, you are killing lots of live animals. I hope you don't take offense in this as I do see where you are coming from. If you wouldn't mind taking pictures as they are now, then that might clear up a bunch of confusion. Maybe your only problem is that you need better employees......but there is something wrong here.....

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