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Originally Posted by meshwheel View Post
I am interested in the Aquarium plant gauges and their special valve and timer for about 300.00. Is it really worth that kind of money????
You only need the carbondoser is listed at $259:

The LCD counter is totally unnecessary, unless you want to know how many bubbles you run per day . It is worth every penny. I have run them on my SPS tanks and planted CO2 injected tanks. I have also run Azoo, Reef Fanatic, JBJ, and Milwaukee reactors....the Aquarium plants blows them out of the water. The AP ones are far more reliable and truly hold their setting. The only other ones I would consider other than the AP one would be some of the higher end ones from GreenLeafAquariums....though I have no experience with them or the products. But some of those are in the $300-$400 range, due to the needle valves...the good ones like Ideal cost a bit.


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