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Originally posted by xtm
I took my wife and son there last month and I have to admit that the displays are beyond AWESOME. Can't really compare it to Monterey Bay Aquarium as they are (IMO) different biotopes. I am very impressed with AOTP due to the fact that they REALLY concentrated on the Pacific exhibit and nothing else. (ie. you will not find a Z. Xathurum in the AOTP)

Their SPS reef is somewhat baffling. First off, it has little to NO flow, the colors are somewhat washed out, and there are almost no fish. I asked the young lady staff (who was lecturing passers-by about SPS) what kind of lighting this tank has and she gave me that confused and priceless look and said: "I have no idea.. all I know is that they are very VERY VERY expensive".

To top it off, what REALLY impressed me was their outside lagoon setup. They have a shoal of Hippos and some Moorish Idols in this outdoor lagoon, it was sooo awesome. They also have some beautifully arranged Mangroves in there.

Overall I give it a 9.5/10.
all the morrish idols and hippos where gone in the out door lagoons

I only compare because I prefer to see living animals LMAO


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