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How many people here buy coral on Ebay?

Just wondering if any of you guys ever bid or buy coral on Ebay?
I've just recently started looking and WOW there is some CHEAP stuff on there!!

Here's what I won tonight on Ebay...

Pink Milli $9.99

Metallic Neon Green Blastomussa Wellsi $17.50

Blue Base/Green Eye Chalice Coral $9.99

Fluorescent Green Galaxea Coral $18.50

Red/Green Bullseye Mushrooms $9.99

Red Skirt/Neon Green Star Zoanthids $9.99

With shipping overnight for only $25 for all of it..
So shipping on each piece was only $4.17 each

Total bill out the door is going to be like $100

I just can't belive these prices!!!
So does anyone else buy coral on the bay?

PS: I'm not selling coral on ebay, or promoting any sellers on ebay. Just wanted to share deals..

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