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Hey Chi town ians,

Our club, the Wiscon Reef Society,,
takes a tour bus every March to many of the stores mentioned in this thread.,

For those of you around Chicago, on the average day, if you want some on the BEST costomer service, go to:
Best Fish, in Milwaukee WI!!!, you'll be glad you did. The money you'll save will probably more pay for the gass you'll spend than save on on your purchases.

180g Reef- 75+ different Corals; 14 fish; DIY Coast to Coast Overflow
3 x 120W Full Spectrum/Dimmable LED's
125g DIY sump- Reef Octopus nw200-6540B -
40B FT- ~320gallon system total

Current Tank Info: 180g- C2C overflow- 125g sumpk 40B FT; Lots of Coral- mostly sps
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