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Re: water

Originally posted by stephen sykes
but surely using water from a shops system will have good prams so why no do it in one hit?
yeh.. as amph has said, its not that the water your gonna use is on par, it needs to match up with your old water.

if you just jump in and do a 100% WC, then your fish, and everything else in your tank will get stressed from the difference in water parameters. there would be a ph swing, temperature, possibly alk and all other parameters.

its always better, if you want to do a 100% WC to do them in smaller increments as to not have such a swing in parameters. by doing smaller ones, it gives the water time to assimilate with the rest of the system, thereby less of a change over a longer amount of time.

true its not as efficient as a 100% WC, but whats more important, getting it done quick, or getting it done in a manner that will least affect your system.

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