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It's been a white since I last updated. Things have been moving along verrrryyy slowly but finally moving along again.

Turned out that the front piece of glass was not correct, it was supposed to be Starphire but was actually just a Chinese low iron pane.
Tank went back to the builder for a few months because he is over 2 hours drive away from where I live while he fixed the panel.

While it was there I had a full height blue background glued onto the back and a laser cut overflow comb.

I've been slowly filling over the last week but thinking that I should get the substrate in before filling any further.

Question re substrate, should I be rinsing it out with RO/DI water or do you usually rinse out with tap water and then final rinse in RO/DI? I'm worried about tap water after going to the effort of making ~650Litres of RO to damage that with traces of tap water in the substrate.

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