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The beauty of this setup is that you do not switch things on/off ever, and it results in very stable tank conditions. That said I will agree there are other options out there to make this work out with continuous flow adjustable speed pumps though.

I will note also for the more DIY inclined that a cole-parmer L/S pump head can be had on ebay for under $30 new and you just need to pair it with a motor capable of turning it. A cheap pwm motor control can allow you to get a good degree of variable speed. And a setup like this would cost you well under $100.

For example there are some great little Ametek/Pittman three head pumps on ebay right now using the cole parmer head that would be perfect. You only need one of the heads and removing the other 2 puts less strain on the motor making PWM speed control more effective. These happen to be great little pumps, I bought several for dosing and AWC before the seller realized what he had and jacked up his price. They work Great, by the way.

The all in one systems discussed in this thread are great but not absolutely needed to make this work out just as well. Just my thoughts to save some money for those on a tight budget with the skills to DIY electronics and such.

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