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tell them my opinion, for many years I had a 1502 korallin which controlled it with pHMeter and effluent needle with a wrench .
I could never control it was impossible because the key was not accurate and if the regulated soon was out of position . which did not allow to have the necessary amount of ml .

5 months ago change the reactor and buy a Schuran jetstream 1 " is perfect, the best in the world as the manufacturer says " reactor also purchase a " master flex peristaltic pump 7554-80 " with a "head 7518-00 ." the settings are made ​​through this link is extracourse aragonite and magnesium zeomag . the internal pH of the reactor is 6.52 and I have 24 ml of effluent. aquarium system is 200 gall which is holding me alone with the reactor 2 months ago I do not add any other element to meet the parameters which was impossible without masterflex pump. because the amount of effluent varied over time.

as I said in the post , the pump is worth every penny of the cost because it is for life and allows fine control the reactor.

recommend the pump masterflex

I apologize for my bad English .

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