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Active Duty reefers?

So, i used to love my reef tanks. Ive owned a 50, 80, 125, 225 and a 20gal micro before joining up. I had a 15 year old maroon clown since she was tiny, loved her more than my dogs lol. Power went, backup didnt kick on and was out of town. Lost everything including my clown...well joined the USAF and have been to the sandbox a couple times, pribably going once more.

Really want to start a nano, but since we move every couple years feel bad doing so just to break it down and hope i get the critters safley to wherever im going. Is anyone here active duty and building reefs? Ill probably be out next year, finishing up my MS is cybersecurity and will move again for a new job most likely, but then i will have some stability. Should i wait or build a small tank for a nem and a couple clowns to scratch my itch?

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