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Originally Posted by ReefTron5000 View Post
I feel like I'm having some kind of issue with my Calcium reactor setup. I've got a Masterflex with an MTC Minical and a Carbondoser. I've got the Apex keeping the pH at around 6.5. I've got a heavily stocked SPS tank that is healthy and growing but Alk is stuck at 5.5-5.8. I can't get it to go up. I've got the flow rate on the Masterflex set to 200 but it seems like no matter what I set it to, the Alk won't rise.

The other thing is, I don't see the actual media burning up at a fast rate? I'm reading accounts of people adding in more media every couple of weeks but I'm not doing that, even though I have the pH set to 6.5.

What should I be looking at?

Change your program to only shut down the co2 regulator if ph in reactor drops to less than 6.35. Then only adjust either the bubbles per second or the bubble size


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