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I found that simple hand-dosing calcium ( ie you add it to your topoff water) fully sufficient for a wildly growing 50 gallon reef, and it probably could have handled a 75. It's all, however, dependent on how MUCH stony coral you have and of what type. I was growing hammer, which is real hungry and grows heavy skeleton (calcium),


Salinity 1.024-6; alkalinity 8.3-9.3 on KH scale; calcium 420; magnesium 1300, temp 78-80, nitrate .2. Ammonia 0. No filters: lps tank. Alk and cal won't rise if mg is low.

Current Tank Info: 105g AquaVim wedge, chromis, royal gramma basslet, tailspot blenny, ocellaris clown, yellow watchman, chestnut turbo snails, bristleworms, couple of hermits.
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