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Posting Pictures

Here's how to post pictures to RC if you dont know how.

You'll need to create a Photobucket account if you already haven't done so.

Next you need to take the pictures and download them to a directory in your computer.

Sing on to Photobucket and look for the Upload box near the top of the page. Click on the browse button and go find one of the pic's on your computer and click it's filename. This will load the address of the pic into photobucket. You can click on the browse buttons three times before you need to click on the add more button this will let you upload more than 3 pic's. I've found photobucket to be kind of slow or maybe it's just my computer.

Once you've selected the pic's you want to upload then click on the upload button and go find something else to do for a few minutes. When all the pic's have been uploaded to your Photobucket account you will see them there with a:
URL Link and a
HTML Link and a
IMG Code Link.

You need to click on the IMG Code link in the yellow box next to it and it will copy it to your notepad. Here's an example what it will look like:


I changed a couple of bracket to the text would show instead of the pic, but you get the point.

These are what you copy into your post's to make a picture appear.

I've found it easier to open up an e-mail and copy all the pic's I want to post in an E-mail and write what I want about them. Spell check it and arrange it however works best then copy it all and post it in a RC Post or Reply. Preview the reply or post and see if the pic's are in the order you want before you submit the reply.

Good luck, Let me know how it works.


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