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20L tank build.

tank- 20L with 10G sump
lights- 175W metal halide
skimmer- coral life 65 super skimmer

bottom of tank is drilled for overflow. stand is made of 2x4's that were just laying around. front of stand is foam board that is glued on, and the main piece is held on with Velcro. the open space in the sump is going to contain some LR, sand bed, and fuge.

the overflow is covered in aquamend and shells, shark teeth. i will grow stony corals off the overflow. i will also use most of the back side of the tank for zoanthids and some lps corals. the bottom of the tank will have some monti caps and some micromussa added. the few larger peices of live rock that will be in the tank will have branching montipora and some acropora someday.

now for some pictures.

more pictures to come as i progress.

Chad Vossen

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