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pjf, I would imagine that they use something like Prime, etc. However, not sure how well or long that sequesters chlorine/chloramines.

I just got back my LR and a friend's who is getting out of the hobby for a while. All he did was take a garden hose to his sump and fill it up.
Weird thing is, he had a lot of brownish felt like algae on the glass, but not much others. Besides the hundreds of aptasia, he had a fair number of LPS, softies, and gorgonians. Didn't seem to bother the fish and crittiers much, but didn't see a lot of growth in his corals. I think they survived primarily because of the dual 250 MH 3 inches off of the water. I think his water is probably 100 TDS or thereabouts.

Since I took everything, and am running it on RO/DI, I expect to see a real bounce back with better water conitions and regular supplementation. Unfortunately, I'm taking almost all the base rock out and doing a straight bleach on it tomorrow. I am not kindding when I say there are literally hundreds of aptasia. No way I'm gonna spend weeks/months trying to kill them with Joes Juice.

The guys at a new LFS in town just told me about how they used one of those bio-spira fast cyclers for a new display and it seemed to work. We'll see how it does on the new dead LR.

Whoops, OT.

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