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ok i just got a water analysis on my tap water that i've been using and here is what they found.
calcium 92ppm
magnesium 18ppm
sodium 26ppm

p.alkalinity 2ppm
total alkalinity 32ppm
chloride 65ppm
sulfate 106ppm
nitrate 0.99ppm
nitrite 0.05ppm
iron 0.014ppm
total manganese 0.023ppm
chlorine 0.3-1.2ppm
total hardness 110ppm as CaCO3
total hardness 6.4 grains/gal as CaCO3
fluoride 1.0ppm
lead <0.001ppm
specific conductance 369 micromhos/cm
ph 8.3-8.5
turbidity 0.05ntu
color 1 apha units
total dissolved solids 534 ppm

now i did have a hair algae problem when i started but it passed,i did nothing but wait till it slowly went away.i grow a gallon of chaetto a month so i figure thats what killed the algae off.i'll post better pics of the sps later.

55g,t5,sump,monti,pavona,green hydnophora,echinophyllia,trumpet,open green and red lobo,2 toadstools,gsp,xenia, mushrooms,2 giant frilly shrooms,cabbage coral,yellow polyps,zoos, nepthia,kenya
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