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my tank is at eye level though so i'd need a tripod thats at least 7 feet tall to get nice over the top shots. My current tripod is only about 5+ feet. I'd also need some sort of arm extension so I can move it over the center of the tank. That's going to cost more then $90

I don't have a macro lens for the rebel just the stock lens and a zoom lens that's not great for this type of photography. At this time I don't really see the need to spend $500+ on a macro lens as long as my pentax K100d hangs on to life. I actually like the pentax a lot better, but long story short I got it wet (in the tank of course) and now it only works when it wants to, I have to use the right combination of half dead and new batteries and it only works with the macro lens not the 18-55 lens.

I got the canon for xmas and I'm learning to use it but I've really noticed how much I relied on the antishake built into the pentax body. I almost never needed a tripod but now for everything tank related I must use a tripod on the canon. I'll look into anti shake lens in the future but I know that won't be cheap. I'm not sure why this isn't a standard feature on all cameras as it really does make a huge difference. I'd love to shoot at f40 on the pentax but even with the antishake I can't hold it still enough

thanks for the tips though.

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