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I am just letting it do its own thing as far as LR I have one little piece I got from Randy and I did feed my tank with mysis shrimp a few times. I am doing it fishless, I am running my halides they come on at 11am and shut off at 8pm

Yes they are diatoms as far as testing goes I saw the spike in ammonia but that is droped off alot and almost at 0 but now the nitrites are spiking which is rasinig my nitrates. I have not tested phosphates. Should I??

Yes it used all new filters and DI beads and my TDS was 0


Originally posted by Mr James
How are you cycling your tank?? How much live rock do you have in there and do you plan to put more in later?? Fishless cycle or ?? Personally I would run my halides during the cycle, maybe just the actinics.

Brown is diatoms aren't they?? I always forget the specific names of each. What are your test levels showing for Ammonia, Phosphate, Nitrite and Nitrates (was there another, I forget)?? This will be the true test for whether your tank has cycled. You did fill with DI water correct?? What is your TDS of your DI??

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