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My favorite is, I restock once a year. Generous portions of 100% aquacultured micro organisms and macro algaes. They have red/yellow gracilaria(tang heaven), green ulva, short/long feather caulerpa, sargassum, and all sorts of micro invertabrates and snails all captive bred. Inland aquatics is pretty good too. I just got an order last week from IPSF. For $200 I got about 1/4lb tang heaven red, 1/4lb of yellow, 1/4lb of green ulva, 1/4 caulerpa, 18 snails, 12 hermits, 6 mini brittles(free), 6 comet stars, 6 baby sandbed clams, 1 cuke, 20+ amphipods, anthelia polyps, lime green leather, 1 candy cane coral(free), gold crown leather(free), wondermud, small bag of live sand, all kinds of worms, plankton, and nitrate reducer. Thats a pretty good deal.

Do it right the first time.

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